Industrial Revolution

by nosticthepoet.

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released February 3, 2015

Natsu Fuji
Fleezy Beats
Yuni Wa
Killing Spree
KenKen KillT iT




nosticthepoet. Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: Under God (prod. Crxsh)
It's like I'm preaching to the choir
But it's not enough
There's something more.
Something I have to get off my chest.

We've got a problem.
And if you didn't know then you're a part of it.

People think it started with parliament
But excuse my french
That's completely retarded it's

Just like the power behind that word retard
It's shocking and offensive
We won't even say it
We won't get on the offensive
Many people wanna say they love the music
but they hate the values but the love the feeling
but they hate the outcome.
Get off of your fences!

I have listened -
From Malcolm to Martin
From Michael Jackson to Ali
From Kendrick to Ab-Soul
From the Immortal Technique to the Immortal Yeezus himself
We've talked about black all this time
and haven't said anything at all because we are nothing.
It's beyond race, Hip hop is nothing.
You are nothing. I'm nothing. We all are nothing!

...according to the industry. This industry is
GMO wheat disguising itself as whole creating
micro tears in our stomachs until we can't hold anything of substance, let alone a job.

welcome to the industrial revolution
we're no longer going to put up with the pollution
we've got the solution

mine is trusting in jesus christ
and the bible to the letter
now you might find another way but i promise you mine
is better

it's a periodic cycle dictated by the commas
we're recruited disciples reminiscent of Thomas
they couldn't give us idols when everybody's Simon
so they rid the schools of bibles tryna redefine us
replacing jesus with jewelry: our deity for diamonds
our superficial revivals won't even pose a problem
so pick up sniper rifles and aim em at obamas
and we'll never hit the puppet masters standing behind em
ugh i'm unsettled with the level gepetto's
got all these metal men in several kennels
that they can't be made into rebels
they love the devil that they see
but the ones in power showed it to you
but you wouldn't let that happen if you know what's in you

i'm not afraid to speak my mind on these open issues
if knowledge was hunger games then i'd go as tribute
they'll rue the day that they kill me i'm a hopeful symbol
cuz when the revolution comes they'll all know my whistle
when they ask you who you are, tell em the poet sent you
who are they? when you know who you are, then you'll know them too
They love to take you to the mountaintop to try and tempt you
bc the battlefield is more than likely all just mental
well, maybe, i mean, that's what I thought
i'm with yeezus you can be a new slave but i'm not
call on jesus, better yet, just call your life directly
and before you hang up just make sure to leave a message
we've got racism classism and capitalism based on
faith without baptism cuz we're still dirty
and still thirsty
and we got the nerve to say a nation under god like we're still worthy
we'd be forgiven if we huddled to pray
we're like mad galaxy cuz we're still under grace
but seed time and harvest is still under way
time to dig up all these roots until our shovels just break
break the walls of division
make em all see the vision
it's a revolution
so follow me all the way to the top to begin it

cuz i'm not alone with this sentiment bc ever since dre benjamin had entered into my life
it's evident that i'm heaven sent to craft music with excellence as a weapon to find betterment so by any means i'll write
cuz i'm not alone with this sentiment bc ever since dre benjamin had entered into my life
it's evident that i'm heaven sent to craft music with excellence as a weapon to find betterment so by any means i'll write
alrite? alrite. #wegonbeaiit

they're killing us.
and if we let them industrialize the weapons of our destruction,
then we're killing ourselves.
it's time to replace the radio.
like a flood, we can wash away all the corruption
and replace it with our songs. our stories.
cuz who's gonna tell em?
they won't.
Track Name: 0 to 100 (prod. FleezyBeats, sharpside)
I could write a hundred bars bout you
I could write a hundred lies in a church while the lords watching
I could fabricate a fantasy world
where seeing your injustice as something I enjoy watching
but I can't even honestly I'll always love you and I'll pledge my allegiance
But if they make fried chicken better in Canada then I'm leaving
Au revior du le poet
Yelling je suis noir and I show it off
Je parle un peu francais am I showin off?
Like old tv sleep modes I'm (finn)a start going off
Diggin to my roots for this one just so I can hold the crown
Thuggin w a butterknife before but I'm older now
Got that conqueror pride like it's going out of style
rest in peace my p-o-p. i love you mama i'ma hold it down
down in this red state but the heck if I'm crimson
and you'd know/ it if I blew up I'm direct with my message
I'm Mr. Social Justice when I check the forensics
I go from 0 to the product of whatever 10 and 10 is
Keep it/ 1/ double 0, I'm reachin/ like/ a bunch of folks
But just for the moment I'm focused on flowing my speech/ like/ a juggalo
they like "how you do the devil's music. you should have a better source"
satan's word. in my mouth. can't kill me. it's a metaphor
brothers and sisters in Christ'd love me if they met me
but a quick play of Israel: I'm a nazi loving dead beat
I mean, I just hate the sin - my judgment isn't deadly
I was gonna kill you kids but hobby lobby wouldn't let me
knowledge is the power and I got the kill switch
as of today you're independent, call me Will Smith
I go from hero to a hunter real quick real quick
n-n-nostic is the poet, buddy, but he will spit
Spit about your honor
Spit about all your promise
Spit about the way you can overcome all your problems
Cuz to me you're all just kings
and queens with angel wings
with something in you that the world
would have to change to see
God put you on this earth to fill a vacancy
by any means chase your dreams
I know people say
that life is never what you want
They say you got zero chance
But you got about a hundred

let me talk about it

i could sell a hundred lines without you
i could tell a hundred lies in the trap house
about how i'm gonna make it out like senior
citizens takin the graduation cap off
the bottle to they homecoming
come on youngin
why yo eyes so starry
why yo lines so barry
don't give me another look like 'i'm so sorry'
you don't know nothing bout me
you don't know nothing bout streets
you don't even have a clue what it looks like to struggle to eat
listenin to you mumble on beats
about how i'ma be whatever it is i wanted be
BOY if you don't get a piece of reality
we are on the same level even the bum on the streets
and we'll be judged if we're here when jesus comes or deceased
BOY now quit being a smartie
nostic is the general and you're leading the army
keep in mind that you never leave a soldier behind
cuz what he might become could be blowin your mind
literally - so what's the point of a vest?
what good's a good heart if your brain's are a mess?
your life is just a moment when you're facing your death
so don't speculate about me - make your own way the best
so if the tunnel light's beaming
or if i'm escorted by a demon
they think i've got zero chance to give my life meaning
but i've got about a hundred
Track Name: Going Back (prod. Natsu Fuji)
living in an immature place
for never telling me or puttin me in place
or that every time we finished it would leave a bitter taste
(when we were together) i could see the evil in your face
but i never ever thought that this would be the case
(that you'd be the devil) hot, young, with a pretty face
and the sharp forked tongue with the biblical traits
(killin steal destroying) being with you cut me deep like a knife
cuz you stole my heart like a thief in the night
i remember every time you whispered in my ear
and you told me i wouldn't leave in my life
NO i ain't believe you - you ain't gotta hold that tight
i would leave you every sunday morning (morning, morning) then i come home at night
NO i'm better than this!
maybe i'm not
NO i wanna be free!
but hell ain't really that hot
[correction] you ain't really that hot
[projection] i ain't really that hot
but i'm a part of a miserable plot
[inception] Why'd you gimme that thot?!
God, how do things go that fast?!
I'm barreling down these broken tracks
But I'm done! No! No more holding back!
I don't really care if she holds my past - trash!
That was the moment that
i told her that
yeah, you mighta had me first
but i ain't never going back!

we had a good time
i'll never be the same without you
but i ain't going back
no, no
i might look but i'll look away
cuz i ain't going back!

i ain't going back
i ain't never going back

up in the clouds
no need to go down
don't know where my head is
i know where i'm heading
got way too much speed to slow down
ridin round in my 2012
and my rhyming sounds like 2012
like the mayans count to 2012
my world ends with... you
baby - i know you fell from heaven when you gonna let the pain out?
tell me baby - are you another devil cuz i know you took the same route?
well maybe - i'm just lookin at the balance on my memory banks
that's a million dollar debt baby hillary swank
but i literally can't leave you alone
and the demons will creep on to feast on our hearts
but we never give em any of the freedom to start
and we keep on what we on and keep on our guard
with our hearts on our sleeves since we both are scarred
and the demons will creep on to feast on our hearts
but we never give em any of the freedom to start
and we keep on what we on and keep on our guard
with our hearts on our sleeves since we both are scarred
you're bossy i'm sloppy we handle our business no froggy
cuz i got the compliments
you got the confidence
you play psychologist
tell me we're promising
and i'll write the novel that
chronicles all of our obstacles
that we have toppled
i'll say we were dominant
you'll say we're rockin it
tell em we're mineo copies
nobody can stop us!
Track Name: Purpose (feat. Matthew Burton)
[matthew's verse]

but who can save us when its all self-inflicted?
who can blame the eternally evicted?
paid rent to stay grippin on this slave ship
serving two masters thinkin they had the same whip
giving tithes til I was morally bankrupt
and keeping quiet whenever purity came up
Heaven's got a waiting list and Hell is overbooked
but i'ma live my life so my name ain't overlooked
life is just a movie
every day another scene but he never stops shooting
and i hate when the cast tells the director what he's doing
he said judge not and everyone's on jury duty
but when i need the most wonderful counsel[or] in the land
jehovah never calls a single witness to the stand
he gets a couple of fruit,
a cup full of proof
so when i'm put in the booth
really the pudding is truth

4 bars (2:13)
to do is to be (beat) to be is to do.
(i'm not looking for) i don't want philosophy, tell me the truth.
(if) i'm an accident? (then) tell me who was planned?
i don't care, (just) tell me who i am

who can raise the paternally afflicted?
who can tame the internally conflicted?
I played the victim til all my demons were cast out
Voting /these/ uncle toms back into the black house
quit the ruckus our ancestors live above us
i'm aware we're mixing cultures no one's lynching jigga lovers
even get em in our covers, jobs and schools, fixin lunches
but can't ignore we're different colors when another kiddie suffers
puttin martin ave on (avon) just to makeup statistics
and put another face on or you'll pay him a visit
-i’m neither dead, trappin weight, or in prison
so i'ma turn my bass up. just watch me play my position
squeezing gaps so i'm smilin crooked
keeping naps but i'm quite the looker
i might just bite the bullet and ignite the pulpit
preachy rap for some life improvement (i might could do it)
but i ain't lyin to you
wrote plenty bars that'd make me cry in the booth
i'm plenty scarred from /just/ designing the route
i know the way to life but i'm finding the truth
(is it you?) is it me? is it jesus?
it's every person and the similarities between us?
is he from mars? is she from venus?
can't i /just/ objectify her for some meaning?
if you cannot take the truth then leave the kitchen deserted
bring the detergent gotta look clean on the surface
life is uncertain and less about what it means cuz what's worth it
is that the truth/ that will save you is your god/-given purpose (i said)
life is uncertain and the thing that you'll read from the verses
is that the truth/ that will save you is your god/-given purpose (oh lord)
Track Name: Fear (prod. P Soul)
everybody knows the story of kendrick/ living in the city of goliath
left mine a lifetime ago to a city of the quiet
nobody heard of t-town if we ain't gas it up in QT town
ha wouldn't even be a town s/o my homie t-brown
keep your feet down/ and keep walking the straight and narrow
that's my aim but it's hard to shoot straight with broken arrows
i'ma tell you the truth
i always tell you the truth
but i don't always believe it
that's why i yell in the booth!
really i moved all of my clothes so i could rap in my closet
you got salvation army bars that's why you rap in the closet
out of the good will of my heart i'ma make a deposit
into your mind that could be true but if you're broke then you'll buy it
plenty ppl hear but don't listen to what rappers give em
eating all this fast food but not checkin what they spit in
not tryna be preachy! i just tellin you my vision
but the way i'm livin, man, i hope God isn't listenin!
fear of God is the beginning of wisdom
but i'm afraid God doesn't even believe i'm a Christian
p soul on the track and i'm not feelin poetic
i can't lead a revolution, i'm too weak and pathetic!
i mean, where do i take you nowhere?
Schools don't wanna teach you and other rappers don't care!
making real change is a lot like prison
everybody talks about it but they don't really wanna go there.
i just stole that from Chino the XL
i take industry styles too hoping that that helps
you can see where i'm coming from maybe if i look familiar
real recognize real but who is starin the mirror, huh?
no really? answer it.
know who you are when i wake you up, lazarus
i need everybody listening to come forth
i need you to tell me what you run for when you run forrest
freedom ain't free, do want yours?
cuz it ain't coming cheap, we can afford it
if we all get together for the cause and we never
gossip or get involved if we don't really want war
oh, you want war? cuz i want your
burnin bush to tell you what you on earth for
breaking all these weed smoking stereotypes with blunt force
so consult the most high!
even when your soul's tired
get the spirit anyway
como la cosa nostra
we gotta make a difference
and you gotta know why
i promise not to rest til
your eyes open - both wide!
Track Name: MicVII Interlude (prod. Kคђรยℕ)
Track Name: Israel (prod. Crxsh)


verse 1 (nosticthepoet):
my co workers told me to power up
but real strength is giving all the power up
i'm stepping off the mountain to the wilderness just
tryna figure out what the difference is
just freed from the pen bout a week ago (week ago)
but we're still finishing our sentences
maybe we still just do not have a clue we're locked away
that we're trapped inside the lies of all of the music that we play
i know you don't buy it when you listen to the liars on the radio you ain't that stupid
verse one is free then you get hooked by the good hook that's why they call it trap music
got a cloud by day, torch by night
gonna give into darkness to restore my sight
TSA will never let me board my flights
cuz i'm bombing all these rappers and destroyin they mics!
i'd rather write right not righteous
like i'm right picking morpheus' right fist
might just take the high road, your highness
by just talking through my nose like kryciz
(kryciz) burning bush giving me advice it's
telling me to value all they lives like Christ did
but my heart is frozen cold like ice is

chorus (theCrxsh):
someone hold my head is slippin off from my neck
what you want, what you need
i got blue, i got red
how you love? how you love?
is it real? is it real?

verse 2 (nosticthepoet):
dream if you want but #staywoke
rap about real stuff and you stay broke
never straight talk like a gay joke
but the main folk that complain won't take note
k so any amount of cheese bring em to they knees
(talking bout) we don't need to read we ain't got degrees
(walk it out) we can leave our seed we got other needs
(chalk em out) we can feel the breeze under shmoney trees
strange fruit hanging - oh and they were doin that without a vine
you're like david on a roof plotting on a dime
you see her naked and you try to take it
and then soon as you make it because of you another baby dies!
art imitates life - now is that a crime?
no but you're influencin culture with your battle rhymes
we get the picture every time another rapper whines
life israeli hard - try telling that to palestine!
is that difficult to grasp?!
God's chosen artists: here's messianic rap
i'm a star - i'ma represent you w your flag
i'm a whole person you don't even know the half of it
bet you don't even know what's happening. you know, actually,
i'ma take the moses staff and beat your golden calf with it
that's kosher beef hebrew national

bridge (theCrxsh):
i see you standing on the outside
always looking in, looking in but never know why
marks on my body show i don't cry
it's for you to see my story when you walk by

chorus 2x
Track Name: Trailer (prod. Crxsh)
you know where my interest is uhh
never found time to research and then vote
cuz i'm checking my dividends uhh
tumble thru life - should be
checking my privilege but
got the christian and faith
should i check where my center is
no, God's got my back i'ma
check the perimeter
see what i write
don't just check on my penmanship
when you scribble out your rhymebook only time that you're an artist
i don't mean to brag but i put the balla in kaballah
cuz i'm reading conversations now w allah and muhammad
other words, i'm just tryna see how i'ma make a profit
get it? uhh
us and them can coexist just til money is involved
they devalue education pushin models in our faces sayin that we'll never make it then tell us get a job

i ain't holdin my lipton it's my business
exercising my rights like calisthenics
this a trailer for the revolution of our music
that you're gonna feel it from here to where hopsin is
i'm a seed, bury me alive, put me in the dirt
even though my instrumentals may not ever make em twerk
it's a movement. take the art form back!
and we're crusin. watch the cars zoom past
Track Name: 2012 Chevy (prod. Crxsh)
turn off your radio
unplug for just a second
to see that power you’ve got within
haha but you’re smart w
your third iPhone
neither of you can hold a charge

intro (3x):
when i ride around

verse one:
come ride with a poet for a second
or a minute we don't really have to go in a direction
or directions. I'm not even sure/ where I’m heading
but its resting on the head rest. doctor start the session
okay so, started with a pad and a pencil
but nothing came out. song trapped in my mental
I feel/ like a prodigy about to tap his potential
like a diet coke bottle tightly capped full of mentos
Was finna blow up but couldn’t find it like loch nessie
lord let’s see i/ tried it all everything
but i couldn’t even write a single bar - anything!
so i went and got my keys for some car therapy
just a second down the road is when i saw everything
understatement my undeveloped film was so alive
understand? i overcame poetic oversight
I was over dedicated now i’m cruisin into over drive

riding round town in my 2012 chevy
2012 chevy 2012 chevy
bar-bars heavy
when I cruise around town in my 2012 chevy

verse two:
i’m cruising for music
i cruise in my muse and
my crew’s killin music
yo crew so amusing
i’m saying i ride in with pride when i go into town
look thru my windows i’m rolling em down
then go with the sound
my homies they know when i’m focused.
they told me like “poet you’re throwing it down!” huh
but i’m showing you how. huh
get in yo whip now. bruh
put the pedal. to the. metal. and you better. hold it. down. bruh
bruh i ain’t playing. get some speed.
ain’t no gas in your lyrics yet say it with your feet
the common acknowledge the topic in all of this nonsense
is hardily godily all this misogyny all of it is hippity hoppity
flippity floppity comedy acts. cuz honestly i want stop in my tracks
quality stays under quantity FACTS
but it could probably be turned the opposite
if you just stomp on the GAS

slow it down a lil bit lil bit
went from 0 to 100 real quick real quick
uhhh I think I'm gonna go for a trip
I wrote this by myself I don't ghost in the whip I'm just

outro (4x):
when i ride around
Track Name: Exodus 9:17 (prod. Killing Spree)

nosticthepoet there's no time for introduction
i've got a lot to say and i'm NOT pulling punches
listen up pay attention homie, find it in your budget
you should turn this off right now if you ain't ready for discussion
this song is for you ignorant bigots that didn’t know
this song is for my victim mentality living bros
oppression is something my kids will never settle for
i'm coming for my people and you better let em go

verse 1:
first things first I'm a black man
(black man) verse for all my lily white rap fans
(rap fan)hood will never make you black, fam
you’re just chasing ghosts: Bill Murray playing Pacman
buss it like my mom and dad to school but that's back then
nowadays kids carry tools and them mac-10s
have a bulletproof blanket when they nap and
i don’t really think martin’s dream is gonna happen
(say what?) not where I can see.
orphans cry to sleep
‘cause their fathers leave
then get choked by NYPD BRUH
this/ happens every single day BRUH
“dispatch don’t let em get away BRUH
you know he probably did it, no matter what he say”
like what?! can you tell by the look on my face??!
BRUH i’m sick of this crap like a plumber’s retirement
i hate the media depicting us as dumber and violent
no you can’t say the n-word, it’s dumb to keep trying it
i might go crazy, you don’t know, like a budget psychiatrist
you can run and tell that homeboy
I can a slaughterhouse beat, bruh, put it on Royce
you appropriated twerking and you listen to our noise
but ain't gotta sound Atlanta, Iggy, get your own voice
you can’t ruin hip-hop because we turned it into pop
but all the culture you adopted putting money in your pockets
is the problem because all of you obviously profit
putting one of us in office thinking that would prolly stop us.
(I-G-G-Bye) Washington can’t tame us
but we can be good neighbors
now lemme get this straight, here's the policy, kids
if somebody says it's racist THEN IT PROBABLY IS
I don't need my 40 acres cuz I know I don’t deserve it
but you’ve got a responsibility as a privileged person
but white privilege doesn't mean your life’s perfect
means no one calls you a terrorist for the god that you worship
the irony is we were the oppressors in egypt
don't listen to historians that said they look european
nevertheless, i feel like i can hear god speaking
saying we should be together. and for that single reason-reason-reason you should

Let My People Go

Stop whitewashing our flicks
Leave Don Sterling full of clips
Louis Louis Louis Vuitton
Dookie Dookie Dookie Vuitton
Keep Zimmerman out the culdesac
Tell Miley Cyrus give our culture back
We just wanna be free
We just wanna be free!

verse 2:
nosticthepoet lyrics doper than crack smoke
(crack smoke) verse for my educated black folk
scratch that - (this is) for my everyday black folk
cuz we don’t get a closet, everyday we black folk
east coast rappers keep spittin out the gat jokes
south keep bringing lean back like fat joe
i’m from north carolina sooo
i’m going with my gut these days like ab-soul
we’ll band together when voting for Obama
resurrecting tray-a-vonners, or eating at benihanas
but we never seem to think about fixing our bigger problem
our youth are in trouble and schools don’t care about us
wee a boo or jigaboo: it's all the same: a system
i’m telling you - they don't care if you just watch bleach or drink em
keep sipping on the kool aid DRANK
and you’ll never see the truth mane DRANK
ignorance on the news page DRANK
beating us to death - doomsday DRANK
we don’t. ever. change it. homie, i’m just. being. honest
i’m sick of. black. people. call me. OG. Uncle. Thomas
calling me an oreo is a blessing i have so
i use the privilege to bring honor to my black soul
i got a white man’s job but the features of sambo.
praise white man’s God but the Jesus from back home
it’s the plague of darkness on day 3
and the government is coming for our babies
i don’t even know if we change things
Remember Africans sold us to slav'ry

i am not a victim
Track Name: 16 Shots (prod. Killing Spree)
hidden verse:
took a lot of self-control to keep from barring you to death
because half of you are stupid and I argue with the rest
never trust a story all the media’s a threat
only got bad news is why they calling you the press (depress)
code blue (code blue)
taking half of it heart you never tell the whole truth (whole truth)
you slant the articles then auto tune the interviews
your reporting just as bad. hands up. don’t shoot.
if you avoid the real problem for a couple of dollars
that’s like tryna raise awareness with a bucket of water
we get mad but peace will reluctantly follow
i bet my bottom dollar that the sun is coming tomorrow
dark nights are no excuse for us not to stay woke
you can say I'm kinda preachy and I'm gonna stay pope
cuz we don't have to be the victims just to have our names known
while we stand at the Red Sea as our own pharoahs
Track Name: Yourself (prod. KenKen KillT iT)
Nobody's really taking conscious music off the shelf
My boring life story is a useless one to tell
Screaming revolution! I'ma feel stupid if I fail
But I don't see how I'ma do this by myself.
We forget the lives lost if the shooter went to jail
I mean, I can't run up to all of these funerals and yell
Most rappers don't care unless it boosts em in they sales
so I don't know HOW I'm gonna do this by myself!
God, I'm feelin kinda solo
where you at right now? My motivation's so low
soy loco - starting revolution w minimal promo?
the scene is up and down like a go pro on a yo-yo
is this your plan for me?
I really really hope so
cuz if it's not...

bruh i don't know what i'm doing
just get back in there and say what's written on the little paper

i wanna love the world and then educate em further
but they bumpin narcissisism self-deprecation murder
rest in peace to everybody that we prolly never heard of
and idk what i'm mad for - ion live in ferguson
my girl is white
my school is white
i live in oklahoma!
never learned to fight
I can barely pop the cap to open soda
suckas robbed my mama's house - TWICE when i wasn't home
my cousin's a marine, i'm undecided bout gun control
now how these kids today gon relate to that??
when family friendly radio's even got baby makin tracks

maybe i should slow it down, i'm just speaking way too fast
everyone i graduated with is having babies
i'm a midwest spitter but bull city raised me
i'ma beeeeassss no T
but if i'm honest then no one will ever know me

i'm a fool thinkin i could make a movement without help
no, you took your precious time this was due in 2012
i couldn't do it then i was still improving on myself
you can't offer to help to people if you're ruining your health
don't i know that? yes you do. but i wanna do this well!
i can't tackle all these problems or the future ones as well
stand up on a giant's shoulders isaac newton said himself
I don't know why I/you thought that I/you could do this by my/yourself


Are you serious right now? Get up. You know, I should be the one mad.
I gave you everything you needed (stop)
You act like this was supposed to be easy. Nothing that's ever worth doing is easy.
But you can't stop. Not now. Not like this.

don't. quit. now.
i. gave you. all you needed. (GOD)
passion. gave you. talent.
don't just. fight with. all these. demons. (GOD)
i am the almighty. (i am the almighty)
you are just a human. i can see the future.
satan get behind me. (satan get behind me)
don't you doubt your duty. i'll direct the movie.
i can see the future. like a scene in that's so raven
quoth it poets never make it hopelessness and vacillation
has no place in army business get back to your battle stations
war ain't over til my soldiers's soldiers start collaborating!
taking back the territory stolen by the wrath of satan
taking back the radio, and yes, i mean yo favorite station
FM if they sleeping on you, AM cuz we finna wake em
follow nostic to the top together we'll be celebrating!

put it in they mind and hearts don't need to put it on a shelf
makin sure the love and art won't be ruined by the wealth
the industry doesn't care if they've polluted us to hell
so our mission here is to nurse the wounded back to health
Then educate the capable and clueless ones as well
Cuz we have strength in numbers and community prevails
Don't tell me that you think all that you do is gonna fail
You don't ever have to do this by yourself

I see you out here grinding and struggle it is over now
Knowing that I'm on yo side
Spirit moving situations something like a Poltergeist

interlude for all of the outcasts
we are standing with you.
and when you don't see us there beside you,
Jesus walks with you.
you never have to do it by yourself again

so i've only got one question
gp, are you with me?
Track Name: Revolution (prod. KenKen KillT iT)
verse one:
hope against hope and i don't know if i'ma have enough evidence
cuz i'm broke as joke and sallie mae doesn't get paid w intelligence
indebtedness so venomous look at the national deficit
no wonder the root of all evil is loving a president ugh
why we so greedy
it trickles on down
we wading in knee deep
father we need thee!
trouble the waters
the ppl are hungry and tired
do anything for our sons and our daughters
just to ensure that we keep em alive
marching for freedom our dreams are denied
the media calls what is peaceful a riot
tell. our. stories.
we are the artists. we'll get it started
where's. my. warriors?
i'm feelin like gideon watchin the waters (drank)
sip it now. this is hip-hop
blessed now are they that thirst - lovin every drip drop
spill the truth in every verse until relationships dock
making change happen on the track like a pit stop
but we've gotta fix the way that we do it
by solving problems everyday with the music

sick and tired of these rappers slanging and dealing,
then they try to kill each other, make a decision.
its kinda hard to make a difference, within the system
but we're here to break the cycle with all our children
we're raising God's people and we're the village
cuz the church is not a service or in a building
this is more than just music or just religion
its time to bring the love back into the vision

Throw your fist up in the air if you want a revolution (4x)

verse two:

ha what do you want me to say? his personals get to my head
look at his rhymebook - his verses are written in red
now that's love
that's love
finding glory in every person that sucks
we follow the leader and spit our gospel-ish speeches
and when we got cop some believers - teach em all like we're Jesus
cuz we're making a change
trickle down your own path cuz we're breaking the chains
rhyme about anything - every part of your life
cuz nothing's off limits in the body of Christ
every song's a testimony but you've gotta move forward
revolutionize your own life - now cue chorus

sick and tired of these rappers slanging and dealing,
then they try to kill each other, make a decision.
its kinda hard to make a difference, within the system
but we're here to break the cycle with all our children
we're raising God's people and we're the village
cuz the church is not a service or in a building
this is more than just music or just religion
its time to bring the love back into the vision

Throw your fist up in the air if you want a revolution (4x)