0 to 100 (prod. FleezyBeats, sharpside)

from by nosticthepoet.

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if you're listening,
then you must be interested in being introduced to the intricacies of the industry.
the industry that likes to avoid igniting a cause but instead indicts our flaws.
but that kind of insight is insignificant without some sort of (solution).
you are invaluable to our revolution.
once you downloaded this insurrection
this collection
of instrumentals will serve as intercession
for the institution in question
as an internet insurgent, I urge you to inspect the message behind my introspectional (theatrics). if you still don't know what "I" mean, just listen-


I could write a hundred bars bout you
I could write a hundred lies in a church while the lords watching
I could fabricate a fantasy world
where seeing your injustice as something I enjoy watching
but I can't even honestly I'll always love you and I'll pledge my allegiance
But if they make fried chicken better in Canada then I'm leaving
Au revior du le poet
Yelling je suis noir and I show it off
Je parle un peu francais am I showin off?
Like old tv sleep modes I'm (finn)a start going off
Diggin to my roots for this one just so I can hold the crown
Thuggin w a butterknife before but I'm older now
Got that conqueror pride like it's going out of style
rest in peace my p-o-p. i love you mama i'ma hold it down
down in this red state but the heck if I'm crimson
and you'd know/ it if I blew up I'm direct with my message
I'm Mr. Social Justice when I check the forensics
I go from 0 to the product of whatever 10 and 10 is
Keep it/ 1/ double 0, I'm reachin/ like/ a bunch of folks
But just for the moment I'm focused on flowing my speech/ like/ a juggalo
they like "how you do the devil's music. you should have a better source"
satan's word. in my mouth. can't kill me. it's a metaphor
brothers and sisters in Christ'd love me if they met me
but a quick play of Israel: I'm a nazi loving dead beat
I mean, I just hate the sin - my judgment isn't deadly
I was gonna kill you kids but hobby lobby wouldn't let me
knowledge is the power and I got the kill switch
as of today you're independent, call me Will Smith
I go from hero to a hunter real quick real quick
n-n-nostic is the poet, buddy, but he will spit
Spit about your honor
Spit about all your promise
Spit about the way you can overcome all your problems
Cuz to me you're all just kings
and queens with angel wings
with something in you that the world
would have to change to see
God put you on this earth to fill a vacancy
by any means chase your dreams
I know people say
that life is never what you want
They say you got zero chance
But you got about a hundred

let me talk about it

i could sell a hundred lines without you
i could tell a hundred lies in the trap house
about how i'm gonna make it out like senior
citizens takin the graduation cap off
the bottle to they homecoming
come on youngin
why yo eyes so starry
why yo lines so barry
don't give me another look like 'i'm so sorry'
you don't know nothing bout me
you don't know nothing bout streets
you don't even have a clue what it looks like to struggle to eat
listenin to you mumble on beats
about how i'ma be whatever it is i wanted be
BOY if you don't get a piece of reality
we are on the same level even the bum on the streets
and we'll be judged if we're here when jesus comes or deceased
BOY now quit being a smartie
nostic is the general and you're leading the army
keep in mind that you never leave a soldier behind
cuz what he might become could be blowin your mind
literally - so what's the point of a vest?
what good's a good heart if your brain's are a mess?
your life is just a moment when you're facing your death
so don't speculate about me - make your own way the best
so if the tunnel light's beaming
or if i'm escorted by a demon
they think i've got zero chance to give my life meaning
but i've got about a hundred


from Industrial Revolution, released February 3, 2015
production by FleezyBeats and sharpside

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Production side of me . All my thoughts put on instruments & percussions . Rap side of me Is @fleezy_music

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