2012 Chevy (prod. Crxsh)

from by nosticthepoet.

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My writing process is a lot like riding around in a 2012 Chevy Impala.


turn off your radio
unplug for just a second
to see that power you’ve got within
haha but you’re smart w
your third iPhone
neither of you can hold a charge

intro (3x):
when i ride around

verse one:
come ride with a poet for a second
or a minute we don't really have to go in a direction
or directions. I'm not even sure/ where I’m heading
but its resting on the head rest. doctor start the session
okay so, started with a pad and a pencil
but nothing came out. song trapped in my mental
I feel/ like a prodigy about to tap his potential
like a diet coke bottle tightly capped full of mentos
Was finna blow up but couldn’t find it like loch nessie
lord let’s see i/ tried it all everything
but i couldn’t even write a single bar - anything!
so i went and got my keys for some car therapy
just a second down the road is when i saw everything
understatement my undeveloped film was so alive
understand? i overcame poetic oversight
I was over dedicated now i’m cruisin into over drive

riding round town in my 2012 chevy
2012 chevy 2012 chevy
bar-bars heavy
when I cruise around town in my 2012 chevy

verse two:
i’m cruising for music
i cruise in my muse and
my crew’s killin music
yo crew so amusing
i’m saying i ride in with pride when i go into town
look thru my windows i’m rolling em down
then go with the sound
my homies they know when i’m focused.
they told me like “poet you’re throwing it down!” huh
but i’m showing you how. huh
get in yo whip now. bruh
put the pedal. to the. metal. and you better. hold it. down. bruh
bruh i ain’t playing. get some speed.
ain’t no gas in your lyrics yet say it with your feet
the common acknowledge the topic in all of this nonsense
is hardily godily all this misogyny all of it is hippity hoppity
flippity floppity comedy acts. cuz honestly i want stop in my tracks
quality stays under quantity FACTS
but it could probably be turned the opposite
if you just stomp on the GAS

slow it down a lil bit lil bit
went from 0 to 100 real quick real quick
uhhh I think I'm gonna go for a trip
I wrote this by myself I don't ghost in the whip I'm just

outro (4x):
when i ride around


from Industrial Revolution, released February 3, 2015
production by Crxsh

Links and Description:
100 PROBLEMS created by @theCrxsh (See Description)
soundcloud.com/theCrxsh #FREE_MP3_BEAT
Drew inspiration after hearing 0 to 100 | TRIPPY VIBE
HQ Lease at traktrain.com/theCrxsh email me for FULL QUALITY WAV
Watch New Crxsh - Morpheus 夢の神 / Cheshire Pussy
( youtu.be/1xqK3Z87Ueo )

#FreeMp3 Just showin some love back for everybody whose been rockin with me lately. All I ask is that you show it in return.


Got inspired after hearing Drake - "0 to 100" but mixed with my own style, came out with some crazy sh*t.
This mix took all gotdamn day & it isn't even that great lol my ears are dying though I'm about to go to the lake & write music now.

somebody asked me what the video meant, for anybody who is interested...

"To me, it depicts the plight of the common rapper story, creating something from nothing, rags to riches, but at a certain point, your mind is susceptible to be consumed by greed & the vanity, hence the 100 Problem$ fighting for what you want but fighting to keep true to yourself at the same time. A complex way of life that really boils down to the simple desire to be happy. But we each pave our own paths."




nosticthepoet. Durham, North Carolina

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