Exodus 9​:​17 (prod. Killing Spree)

from by nosticthepoet.

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Do you remember Ferguson? It's not over by the way.



nosticthepoet there's no time for introduction
i've got a lot to say and i'm NOT pulling punches
listen up pay attention homie, find it in your budget
you should turn this off right now if you ain't ready for discussion
this song is for you ignorant bigots that didn’t know
this song is for my victim mentality living bros
oppression is something my kids will never settle for
i'm coming for my people and you better let em go

verse 1:
first things first I'm a black man
(black man) verse for all my lily white rap fans
(rap fan)hood will never make you black, fam
you’re just chasing ghosts: Bill Murray playing Pacman
buss it like my mom and dad to school but that's back then
nowadays kids carry tools and them mac-10s
have a bulletproof blanket when they nap and
i don’t really think martin’s dream is gonna happen
(say what?) not where I can see.
orphans cry to sleep
‘cause their fathers leave
then get choked by NYPD BRUH
this/ happens every single day BRUH
“dispatch don’t let em get away BRUH
you know he probably did it, no matter what he say”
like what?! can you tell by the look on my face??!
BRUH i’m sick of this crap like a plumber’s retirement
i hate the media depicting us as dumber and violent
no you can’t say the n-word, it’s dumb to keep trying it
i might go crazy, you don’t know, like a budget psychiatrist
you can run and tell that homeboy
I can a slaughterhouse beat, bruh, put it on Royce
you appropriated twerking and you listen to our noise
but ain't gotta sound Atlanta, Iggy, get your own voice
you can’t ruin hip-hop because we turned it into pop
but all the culture you adopted putting money in your pockets
is the problem because all of you obviously profit
putting one of us in office thinking that would prolly stop us.
(I-G-G-Bye) Washington can’t tame us
but we can be good neighbors
now lemme get this straight, here's the policy, kids
if somebody says it's racist THEN IT PROBABLY IS
I don't need my 40 acres cuz I know I don’t deserve it
but you’ve got a responsibility as a privileged person
but white privilege doesn't mean your life’s perfect
means no one calls you a terrorist for the god that you worship
the irony is we were the oppressors in egypt
don't listen to historians that said they look european
nevertheless, i feel like i can hear god speaking
saying we should be together. and for that single reason-reason-reason you should

Let My People Go

Stop whitewashing our flicks
Leave Don Sterling full of clips
Louis Louis Louis Vuitton
Dookie Dookie Dookie Vuitton
Keep Zimmerman out the culdesac
Tell Miley Cyrus give our culture back
We just wanna be free
We just wanna be free!

verse 2:
nosticthepoet lyrics doper than crack smoke
(crack smoke) verse for my educated black folk
scratch that - (this is) for my everyday black folk
cuz we don’t get a closet, everyday we black folk
east coast rappers keep spittin out the gat jokes
south keep bringing lean back like fat joe
i’m from north carolina sooo
i’m going with my gut these days like ab-soul
we’ll band together when voting for Obama
resurrecting tray-a-vonners, or eating at benihanas
but we never seem to think about fixing our bigger problem
our youth are in trouble and schools don’t care about us
wee a boo or jigaboo: it's all the same: a system
i’m telling you - they don't care if you just watch bleach or drink em
keep sipping on the kool aid DRANK
and you’ll never see the truth mane DRANK
ignorance on the news page DRANK
beating us to death - doomsday DRANK
we don’t. ever. change it. homie, i’m just. being. honest
i’m sick of. black. people. call me. OG. Uncle. Thomas
calling me an oreo is a blessing i have so
i use the privilege to bring honor to my black soul
i got a white man’s job but the features of sambo.
praise white man’s God but the Jesus from back home
it’s the plague of darkness on day 3
and the government is coming for our babies
i don’t even know if we change things
Remember Africans sold us to slav'ry

i am not a victim


from Industrial Revolution, released February 3, 2015
production by Killing Spree




nosticthepoet. Durham, North Carolina

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