Fear (prod. P Soul)

from by nosticthepoet.

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Screaming revolution! I'ma feel really stupid if I fail.


everybody knows the story of kendrick/ living in the city of goliath
left mine a lifetime ago to a city of the quiet
nobody heard of t-town if we ain't gas it up in QT town
ha wouldn't even be a town s/o my homie t-brown
keep your feet down/ and keep walking the straight and narrow
that's my aim but it's hard to shoot straight with broken arrows
i'ma tell you the truth
i always tell you the truth
but i don't always believe it
that's why i yell in the booth!
really i moved all of my clothes so i could rap in my closet
you got salvation army bars that's why you rap in the closet
out of the good will of my heart i'ma make a deposit
into your mind that could be true but if you're broke then you'll buy it
plenty ppl hear but don't listen to what rappers give em
eating all this fast food but not checkin what they spit in
not tryna be preachy! i just tellin you my vision
but the way i'm livin, man, i hope God isn't listenin!
fear of God is the beginning of wisdom
but i'm afraid God doesn't even believe i'm a Christian
p soul on the track and i'm not feelin poetic
i can't lead a revolution, i'm too weak and pathetic!
i mean, where do i take you nowhere?
Schools don't wanna teach you and other rappers don't care!
making real change is a lot like prison
everybody talks about it but they don't really wanna go there.
i just stole that from Chino the XL
i take industry styles too hoping that that helps
you can see where i'm coming from maybe if i look familiar
real recognize real but who is starin the mirror, huh?
no really? answer it.
know who you are when i wake you up, lazarus
i need everybody listening to come forth
i need you to tell me what you run for when you run forrest
freedom ain't free, do want yours?
cuz it ain't coming cheap, we can afford it
if we all get together for the cause and we never
gossip or get involved if we don't really want war
oh, you want war? cuz i want your
burnin bush to tell you what you on earth for
breaking all these weed smoking stereotypes with blunt force
so consult the most high!
even when your soul's tired
get the spirit anyway
como la cosa nostra
we gotta make a difference
and you gotta know why
i promise not to rest til
your eyes open - both wide!


from Industrial Revolution, released February 3, 2015
production by P Soul

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