Going Back (prod. Natsu Fuji)

from by nosticthepoet.

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Not your typical heart break track. With some unconventional crooning from thepoet, listen to his anguish about losing someone (or something) that he not only cared for but wrapped his identity in. Will he make the same mistake twice? Can you make the "same" mistake twice?


living in an immature place
for never telling me or puttin me in place
or that every time we finished it would leave a bitter taste
(when we were together) i could see the evil in your face
but i never ever thought that this would be the case
(that you'd be the devil) hot, young, with a pretty face
and the sharp forked tongue with the biblical traits
(killin steal destroying) being with you cut me deep like a knife
cuz you stole my heart like a thief in the night
i remember every time you whispered in my ear
and you told me i wouldn't leave in my life
NO i ain't believe you - you ain't gotta hold that tight
i would leave you every sunday morning (morning, morning) then i come home at night
NO i'm better than this!
maybe i'm not
NO i wanna be free!
but hell ain't really that hot
[correction] you ain't really that hot
[projection] i ain't really that hot
but i'm a part of a miserable plot
[inception] Why'd you gimme that thot?!
God, how do things go that fast?!
I'm barreling down these broken tracks
But I'm done! No! No more holding back!
I don't really care if she holds my past - trash!
That was the moment that
i told her that
yeah, you mighta had me first
but i ain't never going back!

we had a good time
i'll never be the same without you
but i ain't going back
no, no
i might look but i'll look away
cuz i ain't going back!

i ain't going back
i ain't never going back

up in the clouds
no need to go down
don't know where my head is
i know where i'm heading
got way too much speed to slow down
ridin round in my 2012
and my rhyming sounds like 2012
like the mayans count to 2012
my world ends with... you
baby - i know you fell from heaven when you gonna let the pain out?
tell me baby - are you another devil cuz i know you took the same route?
well maybe - i'm just lookin at the balance on my memory banks
that's a million dollar debt baby hillary swank
but i literally can't leave you alone
and the demons will creep on to feast on our hearts
but we never give em any of the freedom to start
and we keep on what we on and keep on our guard
with our hearts on our sleeves since we both are scarred
and the demons will creep on to feast on our hearts
but we never give em any of the freedom to start
and we keep on what we on and keep on our guard
with our hearts on our sleeves since we both are scarred
you're bossy i'm sloppy we handle our business no froggy
cuz i got the compliments
you got the confidence
you play psychologist
tell me we're promising
and i'll write the novel that
chronicles all of our obstacles
that we have toppled
i'll say we were dominant
you'll say we're rockin it
tell em we're mineo copies
nobody can stop us!


from Industrial Revolution, released February 3, 2015
production by Natsu Fuji

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