Israel (prod. Crxsh)

from by nosticthepoet.

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If you haven't kept up with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict then you've been sleep. You won't even understand this metaphor, BUT basically, hip-hop artists express themselves in deadly ways, which hurt everybody.

They can justify it by saying it's artistic expression, but people are still being hurt. Which is wrong. Maybe.




verse 1 (nosticthepoet):
my co workers told me to power up
but real strength is giving all the power up
i'm stepping off the mountain to the wilderness just
tryna figure out what the difference is
just freed from the pen bout a week ago (week ago)
but we're still finishing our sentences
maybe we still just do not have a clue we're locked away
that we're trapped inside the lies of all of the music that we play
i know you don't buy it when you listen to the liars on the radio you ain't that stupid
verse one is free then you get hooked by the good hook that's why they call it trap music
got a cloud by day, torch by night
gonna give into darkness to restore my sight
TSA will never let me board my flights
cuz i'm bombing all these rappers and destroyin they mics!
i'd rather write right not righteous
like i'm right picking morpheus' right fist
might just take the high road, your highness
by just talking through my nose like kryciz
(kryciz) burning bush giving me advice it's
telling me to value all they lives like Christ did
but my heart is frozen cold like ice is

chorus (theCrxsh):
someone hold my head is slippin off from my neck
what you want, what you need
i got blue, i got red
how you love? how you love?
is it real? is it real?

verse 2 (nosticthepoet):
dream if you want but #staywoke
rap about real stuff and you stay broke
never straight talk like a gay joke
but the main folk that complain won't take note
k so any amount of cheese bring em to they knees
(talking bout) we don't need to read we ain't got degrees
(walk it out) we can leave our seed we got other needs
(chalk em out) we can feel the breeze under shmoney trees
strange fruit hanging - oh and they were doin that without a vine
you're like david on a roof plotting on a dime
you see her naked and you try to take it
and then soon as you make it because of you another baby dies!
art imitates life - now is that a crime?
no but you're influencin culture with your battle rhymes
we get the picture every time another rapper whines
life israeli hard - try telling that to palestine!
is that difficult to grasp?!
God's chosen artists: here's messianic rap
i'm a star - i'ma represent you w your flag
i'm a whole person you don't even know the half of it
bet you don't even know what's happening. you know, actually,
i'ma take the moses staff and beat your golden calf with it
that's kosher beef hebrew national

bridge (theCrxsh):
i see you standing on the outside
always looking in, looking in but never know why
marks on my body show i don't cry
it's for you to see my story when you walk by

chorus 2x


from Industrial Revolution, released February 3, 2015
production and hook by Crxsh

Links and Description:
Crxsh - Morpheus 夢の神 / Cheshire Pussy
Sub if you like. Tell a friend so i know its real.
artist/producer from minneapolis


i am holy.
i am evol.
i am an artist.
like a god, I create your wildest dreams out of thin air.
I am you.


directed/edited by theCrxsh
additional filming by Suite Ava
produced by theCrxsh

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nosticthepoet. Durham, North Carolina

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