Purpose (feat. Matthew Burton)

from by nosticthepoet.

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What is life? Why are we here?

Sometimes. I don't know.

But if I can find my purpose, I should be fulfilled.


[matthew's verse]

but who can save us when its all self-inflicted?
who can blame the eternally evicted?
paid rent to stay grippin on this slave ship
serving two masters thinkin they had the same whip
giving tithes til I was morally bankrupt
and keeping quiet whenever purity came up
Heaven's got a waiting list and Hell is overbooked
but i'ma live my life so my name ain't overlooked
life is just a movie
every day another scene but he never stops shooting
and i hate when the cast tells the director what he's doing
he said judge not and everyone's on jury duty
but when i need the most wonderful counsel[or] in the land
jehovah never calls a single witness to the stand
he gets a couple of fruit,
a cup full of proof
so when i'm put in the booth
really the pudding is truth

4 bars (2:13)
to do is to be (beat) to be is to do.
(i'm not looking for) i don't want philosophy, tell me the truth.
(if) i'm an accident? (then) tell me who was planned?
i don't care, (just) tell me who i am

who can raise the paternally afflicted?
who can tame the internally conflicted?
I played the victim til all my demons were cast out
Voting /these/ uncle toms back into the black house
quit the ruckus our ancestors live above us
i'm aware we're mixing cultures no one's lynching jigga lovers
even get em in our covers, jobs and schools, fixin lunches
but can't ignore we're different colors when another kiddie suffers
puttin martin ave on (avon) just to makeup statistics
and put another face on or you'll pay him a visit
-i’m neither dead, trappin weight, or in prison
so i'ma turn my bass up. just watch me play my position
squeezing gaps so i'm smilin crooked
keeping naps but i'm quite the looker
i might just bite the bullet and ignite the pulpit
preachy rap for some life improvement (i might could do it)
but i ain't lyin to you
wrote plenty bars that'd make me cry in the booth
i'm plenty scarred from /just/ designing the route
i know the way to life but i'm finding the truth
(is it you?) is it me? is it jesus?
it's every person and the similarities between us?
is he from mars? is she from venus?
can't i /just/ objectify her for some meaning?
if you cannot take the truth then leave the kitchen deserted
bring the detergent gotta look clean on the surface
life is uncertain and less about what it means cuz what's worth it
is that the truth/ that will save you is your god/-given purpose (i said)
life is uncertain and the thing that you'll read from the verses
is that the truth/ that will save you is your god/-given purpose (oh lord)


from Industrial Revolution, released February 3, 2015
original song: Drake - Fear - So Far Gone EP

featuring Matthew Burton

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nosticthepoet. Durham, North Carolina

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