Under God (prod. Crxsh)

from by nosticthepoet.

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Introduction to the mixtape. Sets the scene for the desparation felt by many that feel like the insufficiency of the music industry must be changed. Immediately.

"Like #TheFlood we can wash away all of the corruption and replace it with our own songs."


It's like I'm preaching to the choir
But it's not enough
There's something more.
Something I have to get off my chest.

We've got a problem.
And if you didn't know then you're a part of it.

People think it started with parliament
But excuse my french
That's completely retarded it's

Just like the power behind that word retard
It's shocking and offensive
We won't even say it
We won't get on the offensive
Many people wanna say they love the music
but they hate the values but the love the feeling
but they hate the outcome.
Get off of your fences!

I have listened -
From Malcolm to Martin
From Michael Jackson to Ali
From Kendrick to Ab-Soul
From the Immortal Technique to the Immortal Yeezus himself
We've talked about black all this time
and haven't said anything at all because we are nothing.
It's beyond race, Hip hop is nothing.
You are nothing. I'm nothing. We all are nothing!

...according to the industry. This industry is
GMO wheat disguising itself as whole creating
micro tears in our stomachs until we can't hold anything of substance, let alone a job.

welcome to the industrial revolution
we're no longer going to put up with the pollution
we've got the solution

mine is trusting in jesus christ
and the bible to the letter
now you might find another way but i promise you mine
is better

it's a periodic cycle dictated by the commas
we're recruited disciples reminiscent of Thomas
they couldn't give us idols when everybody's Simon
so they rid the schools of bibles tryna redefine us
replacing jesus with jewelry: our deity for diamonds
our superficial revivals won't even pose a problem
so pick up sniper rifles and aim em at obamas
and we'll never hit the puppet masters standing behind em
ugh i'm unsettled with the level gepetto's
got all these metal men in several kennels
that they can't be made into rebels
they love the devil that they see
but the ones in power showed it to you
but you wouldn't let that happen if you know what's in you

i'm not afraid to speak my mind on these open issues
if knowledge was hunger games then i'd go as tribute
they'll rue the day that they kill me i'm a hopeful symbol
cuz when the revolution comes they'll all know my whistle
when they ask you who you are, tell em the poet sent you
who are they? when you know who you are, then you'll know them too
They love to take you to the mountaintop to try and tempt you
bc the battlefield is more than likely all just mental
well, maybe, i mean, that's what I thought
i'm with yeezus you can be a new slave but i'm not
call on jesus, better yet, just call your life directly
and before you hang up just make sure to leave a message
we've got racism classism and capitalism based on
faith without baptism cuz we're still dirty
and still thirsty
and we got the nerve to say a nation under god like we're still worthy
we'd be forgiven if we huddled to pray
we're like mad galaxy cuz we're still under grace
but seed time and harvest is still under way
time to dig up all these roots until our shovels just break
break the walls of division
make em all see the vision
it's a revolution
so follow me all the way to the top to begin it

cuz i'm not alone with this sentiment bc ever since dre benjamin had entered into my life
it's evident that i'm heaven sent to craft music with excellence as a weapon to find betterment so by any means i'll write
cuz i'm not alone with this sentiment bc ever since dre benjamin had entered into my life
it's evident that i'm heaven sent to craft music with excellence as a weapon to find betterment so by any means i'll write
alrite? alrite. #wegonbeaiit

they're killing us.
and if we let them industrialize the weapons of our destruction,
then we're killing ourselves.
it's time to replace the radio.
like a flood, we can wash away all the corruption
and replace it with our songs. our stories.
cuz who's gonna tell em?
they won't.


from Industrial Revolution, released February 3, 2015
production by Crxsh

Links and Description Below:

Mentally alarming & socially provocative visual for this here


For the slow mfs.
This is a free beat.
This is my satire on life & our society.
This is more for you to ask questions.
This is for the free thinkers.
This is for putting an end to the cycle of violence.
This is for ppl who listened to Mick Jenkin's [ The Waters ]
This is for ppl who followed Ferguson.
This is for the ppl who have lost family.
This is for the _ killing off our own color.
This is for the ones who think the world is black & white.
This is for the ones who think racism is dead.
This is for the ones that put their hoodies up for Trayvon.
This is for the ones that feed garbage through their music.
This is for the ones that eat it like candy.
This is for


Ear Candy for you, food for thought though.

Because you are probably a click away from completely forgetting about it all.

For the ones who are concerned for professionalism & quality.

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