Yourself (prod. KenKen KillT iT)

from by nosticthepoet.

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It's not a revolution if the homies don't get none.


Nobody's really taking conscious music off the shelf
My boring life story is a useless one to tell
Screaming revolution! I'ma feel stupid if I fail
But I don't see how I'ma do this by myself.
We forget the lives lost if the shooter went to jail
I mean, I can't run up to all of these funerals and yell
Most rappers don't care unless it boosts em in they sales
so I don't know HOW I'm gonna do this by myself!
God, I'm feelin kinda solo
where you at right now? My motivation's so low
soy loco - starting revolution w minimal promo?
the scene is up and down like a go pro on a yo-yo
is this your plan for me?
I really really hope so
cuz if it's not...

bruh i don't know what i'm doing
just get back in there and say what's written on the little paper

i wanna love the world and then educate em further
but they bumpin narcissisism self-deprecation murder
rest in peace to everybody that we prolly never heard of
and idk what i'm mad for - ion live in ferguson
my girl is white
my school is white
i live in oklahoma!
never learned to fight
I can barely pop the cap to open soda
suckas robbed my mama's house - TWICE when i wasn't home
my cousin's a marine, i'm undecided bout gun control
now how these kids today gon relate to that??
when family friendly radio's even got baby makin tracks

maybe i should slow it down, i'm just speaking way too fast
everyone i graduated with is having babies
i'm a midwest spitter but bull city raised me
i'ma beeeeassss no T
but if i'm honest then no one will ever know me

i'm a fool thinkin i could make a movement without help
no, you took your precious time this was due in 2012
i couldn't do it then i was still improving on myself
you can't offer to help to people if you're ruining your health
don't i know that? yes you do. but i wanna do this well!
i can't tackle all these problems or the future ones as well
stand up on a giant's shoulders isaac newton said himself
I don't know why I/you thought that I/you could do this by my/yourself


Are you serious right now? Get up. You know, I should be the one mad.
I gave you everything you needed (stop)
You act like this was supposed to be easy. Nothing that's ever worth doing is easy.
But you can't stop. Not now. Not like this.

don't. quit. now.
i. gave you. all you needed. (GOD)
passion. gave you. talent.
don't just. fight with. all these. demons. (GOD)
i am the almighty. (i am the almighty)
you are just a human. i can see the future.
satan get behind me. (satan get behind me)
don't you doubt your duty. i'll direct the movie.
i can see the future. like a scene in that's so raven
quoth it poets never make it hopelessness and vacillation
has no place in army business get back to your battle stations
war ain't over til my soldiers's soldiers start collaborating!
taking back the territory stolen by the wrath of satan
taking back the radio, and yes, i mean yo favorite station
FM if they sleeping on you, AM cuz we finna wake em
follow nostic to the top together we'll be celebrating!

put it in they mind and hearts don't need to put it on a shelf
makin sure the love and art won't be ruined by the wealth
the industry doesn't care if they've polluted us to hell
so our mission here is to nurse the wounded back to health
Then educate the capable and clueless ones as well
Cuz we have strength in numbers and community prevails
Don't tell me that you think all that you do is gonna fail
You don't ever have to do this by yourself

I see you out here grinding and struggle it is over now
Knowing that I'm on yo side
Spirit moving situations something like a Poltergeist

interlude for all of the outcasts
we are standing with you.
and when you don't see us there beside you,
Jesus walks with you.
you never have to do it by yourself again

so i've only got one question
gp, are you with me?


from Industrial Revolution, released February 3, 2015
production by KenKen KillT iT

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1/4 of Odd Theory ENT.
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